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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that a foot care nurse is properly trained? 

Anyone claiming to be a foot care nurse should be able to show you a Certificate of Completion from an Advanced Nursing Foot Care course. In addition, the RN or LPN should have a current Licence to Practice nursing from a nursing regulatory/disciplinary body. In British Columbia, Canada, the BC College of Nurses and Midwives will be able to verify if the RN or LPN is a professional nurse in good standing with no disciplinary actions against him/her. Only an RN or LPN can take courses leading to certification in Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

Why does the nurse have to take a nursing history/assessment?

As RNs and LPNs, we understand that there is a connection between the health of the feet and the health of the body as a whole. Poor circulation and nerve function in the feet affect skin condition, and the ability of the feet to recover from open wounds and infection due to diabetes and other conditions. Certain medications affect the condition of the nails and skin, causing them to become brittle, fungal, thickened, discoloured, difficult to cut. In addition, some medications decrease the bodies ability to fight infection resulting in fungal infections of the feet. A properly trained certified foot care nurse will be able to satisfactorily explain the correlation between health, medications, and feet.

How long is a visit?

The first visit is usually a little bit longer since an initial assessment has to be obtained.  Typically, the first visit is about an hour, depending on the foot care needed.  Subesequent visits are shorter.

Will you teach me how to care for my feet between visits?

An important part of quality professional nursing care includes thorough health teaching. A properly trained, certified foot care nurse should be able to provide appropriate guidelines for self-care of nails and skin between visits. The RN or LPN will also be able to determine if further medical treatment is needed and advise seeing your doctor.

Who provides insurance coverage in BC?

Most extended health care providers will cover a portion, if not all of a foot care treatment. I do not direct bill so you will be expected to cover the cost of your service and submit your receipt to your provider. It is always best to check with your plan before accessing services if you have a concern. 

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